• Lisa Denae

I Woke Up Like This

Your spirit is speaking to you….are you listening? One morning I decided to listen, take notes, and take action. My spirit was telling me that not everyone around me needs to have access to me. I was sensing that some people I interact with on a regular basis are so corrupt and spiritually bankrupt that they are draining to my spirit and bringing bad energy into my space. I woke up different…I decided to guard my spirit against ALL negativity, no matter the source. I will no longer allow people to use me, behave abusively toward me, no matter how subtle the abuse is, or speak negative words to me or about me that are not warranted. I also decided to attract and receive all the love, kindness, favor, blessings, and joy the universe has to offer.

Oh yeah….I woke up like this, and I’m walking in my gifts and power!


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